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The chiropractic profession is based on the science that all cells, tissues, muscles and organs within the body are supplied by the same nervous system. By taking care of your spine (which is the central column for nerve distribution), you are able to better look after your nervous system, and therefore your body, in the long run. Doctors of Chiropractic study at university for 5-6 years, learning how to detect and correct disturbances within the nervous system. Through the correction of such disturbances, your body is able to heal properly and function at its optimal potential.

We achieve this through a range of services that:

  • Promote optimal nerve conduction

    The health and functionality of your spine is essential to the wellbeing of your nervous system.

  • Address lifestyle based injury and misalignement

    Our chiropractors are experienced with treating a wide array of lifestyle stemming injury and misalignment from occupational to recreational and every where in between.

  • Seek to alleviate joint and musculoskeletal pain

    Our expert team specialise in reducing pain and discomfort through evidence based physical therapy.


Our expert team specialise in reducing pain and discomfort caused by your musculoskeletal injury. Click the image to find out more…

Lifestyle Body Maintenence

By taking care of your spine, you optimise your nervous system. Click the image to find out more…


Safe, gentle, effective treatment to help with the development of your child. Click the image to find out more…

Pain Relief & Injury Treatment

postural pain from your desk job,  nursing an injury from sport, or just plain pain? chiropractic can help. Click the image to find out more…

Nervous System Innovation

Chiropractic involves the assessment and treatment of the spine and body to ensure the nervous system functions at its optimum. Click the image to find out more…

Prenatal & Postnatal Care

Chiropractic can help with the aches and pains that come hand in hand with the miracle of life.  Click the image to find out more…

About Us

The Clayfield Chiropractic Difference

Here at Clayfield Chiropractic Clinic we are committed to your complete health and wellbeing, providing a friendly, personable level of service throughout all that we do. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you have about our services, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

About Our Team

Our team at Clayfield Chiropractic have collectively amassed in excess of 60 years clinical experience. This experience, coupled with our degree certified expertise has produced a diverse skillset that places Clayfield Chiropractic as one of the premier Chiropractic institutes in Brisbane. We treat a broad spectrum of the population for an equally broad spectrum of injuries and ailments. We are particularly proud to serve our community as a Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and medicare EPC provider.

Discover more about the individual skillsets of our Chiropractors today!

Meet The Team

We Care About Our Community

Parenting Group

Every Tuesday morning from 10 -12, we have Jo, our Lactation Consultant / Doula / Homeopath and one of our Chiropractors hosting a group where you can pop in and have your baby weighed. You are welcome to stay for a cuppa and a chat with our Health Professionals and other Parents.  Preschool age children are welcome to have a play in our children’s area. All welcome and there is no charge.

Chiropractic Paediatric Degree

Cheyne completed a Masters of Chiropractic Science (Paediatrics) from RMIT University in 2000. Cheyne and Jolene have undergone 100’s of hours of ongoing education in Chiropractic treatment, diagnosis and management of children’s and baby’s health. They are both mothers (Cheyne is even a grandmother now) and are well known for their friendly approach with young people.

Family and Pensioner Rates

Here at Clayfield Chiropractic, we believe Chiropractic care should be available to everyone and have special rates for families where 3 or more people from 1 family visit our office in one day. We also offer Pensioner rates too. Please ask Gail or Chris for the current fees.

Our Mission

We believe that Chiropractic care should be available to enhance the health and lifestyle of as many members of our community as possible. We use recognised low force and gentle Chiropractic techniques that are suitable for all ages. We are always happy to answer your queries so please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions regarding your or a loved one’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Chiropractic

We use gentle specific manipulations (that we call adjustments) to relieve pain and restore joint function. Sometimes we recommend lifestyle changes, exercise and nutrition supplements to support your treatment and enhance the healing response in your body.
Spinal joints need to move properly to allow the brain to perceive how the body is working. Good spinal function is important for mobility, strength and maintaining balance. If the spine doesn’t move well, this could crate pain, weakness or clumsiness. Chiropractors use gentle manipulations (adjustments) to restore optimal spinal joint function to relieve pain and maximise strength and balance in the body.
Each person requires a specific plan to optimise the restoration of spinal function. This varies from person to person according to their age, history of trauma, length of time the injury has been there for, general fitness, pre-existing conditions, whether you smoke or are overweight, your bodies healing rate, etc.

As a general rule, after 6-12 visits, your chiropractor will have a good idea of how well you are responding to chiropractic care. If there is no change to pain levels or function, then your chiropractor will discuss other options with you and refer you for appropriate assessment by other healthcare professionals or a second opinion.
A younger, healthy spine may require only a few visits to relieve pain and improve function whilst an older, arthritic spine would probably need more care to achieve this.

To keep the spine functioning optimally, to stay strong and well balanced, some people may benefit from ongoing care to maintain full function.

Whether your goal is simply pain relief of to have an optimally functioning spine and body, your chiropractor can make recommendations to help you achieve your health goals.

Most people do not require a doctor’s referral to make an appointment to see a chiropractor. Some people may be eligible to claim chiropractic care through Medicare. They do require a referral from their doctor under The Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Some Department of Veterans Affairs Card holders may be eligible to claim Chiropractic care but require a referral from their GP.

All chiropractors in Australia have to have a minimum level of education to be registered with AHPRA (the government body responsible for regulation of all health care professionals). Chiropractors are university trained and are required to complete ongoing education every year to maintain their registration with AHPRA.

A chiropractic degree is currently a 5 year university Bachelor and Masters of Chiropractic degree.

Each year, Cheyne, Jolene and Mark participate in ongoing education at their own time and expense to ensure thay are up to date on current knowledge and techniques in the chiropractic field.

Yes, chiropractic is very safe for children and babies, and is rarely associated with adverse events which would be muscle soreness for short periods after the adjustment which resolves itself without further intervention.

References: Doyle MF Is Chiropractic Paediatric Care safe? A best evidence topic. Clinical Chiropractic 9//2011; 14(3) 97-105

Todd AJ, Carroll MT, Rolanson A; Mitchell EK Adverse Events Due to Chiropractic and Other Manual Therapies for Infants and Children. A Review of Literature. J Manip Phys Ther Oct 30 2014

For children and babies to develop and achieve developmental milestones appropriately, they need to have correct movement patterns in their spinal joints. Appropriate chiropractic technique modified to suit small bones help to ensure children and babies spinal joints function (move) optimally which allows them to develop and achieve their individual optimal potential. They may need to do exercises as part of their home care to enhance their development.
Chiropractic care can help to alleviate pain and maximise normal function of the spine during pregnancy. The changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and labour can result in pain and changes in the way the body copes with balance and strength. By maintaining/restoring spinal and pelvic girdle function, chiropractic adjustments/manipulations can help to maintain a mother-to-be’s health and comfort. Needless to say, adjustments/manipulations during pregnancy are adapted to suit the changing mother’s body, and are not unduly uncomfortable for mum or baby.