Dr Fiona Couchmann

Bachelor of BioMedical Science (BBioMed Sc.) and Masters of Chiropractic (MChiro)

I have clinical experience seeing people of all ages, from tiny newborn babies to grandparents. And of course, all people and ages in between. I utilise a number of low force and manual type adjustments to achieve desired outcomes for clients, and give home care advice and exercises around improving posture. My ongoing professional development has seen me do seminars on a range of topics, including: neurology, radiology, rehabilitation, posture, nutrition, and paediatric care.
What I enjoy about being a chiropractor, is helping people understand more about the interconnectedness of all of the components of the human body, and how the brain-body connection is so important for optimal healthy functioning. It really is quite satisfying to help people on their health journey in life.
Outside of being a chiropractor, I enjoy bike riding, yoga and hiking (especially multi day hiking with a back pack!)

  • Children and babies

  • Rehabilitation

  • Posture

  • Nutrition

  • Neurology

I started seeing a chiropractor from the age of 8. My parents had grown up seeing a chiropractor regularly, and when we settled on the God Coast, they found a chiropractor for the whole family to see. We would go every month for a regular “check-up”, and I would even go before school exams and sporting events, jut to give my body and extra boost. When we were sick, the first appointment we would have was always to the chiropractor. Chiropractic has been a part of my life and my own health care routine for such a long time; it really was just a natural extension of my own chiropractic experience, to become a chiropractor.


My study started with an under graduate degree, a Bachelor of BioMedical Science at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Graduation from that degree in 2000, I then moved to Sydney and studied a Masters of Chiropractic, where I graduated in 2003. I have worked in a number of clinics over the years since finishing study, in family chiropractic clinics in Brisbane, to having my own clinic for a couple of years. I have done locums all over Australia, from a remote mining town in North West WA, to small beach communities along the East Coast.