Walking – The News Years Resolution You Can Achieve!

Looking for a new years resolution that you can stick to?… We all walk, why not make it count!

You do it every day…. It doesn’t require any special equipment, can be done anywhere, anytime…. In fact, you ALREADY do it every day! It can help with other goals, such as weight loss, better well-being and improving your fitness.

What is it???


Walking is what our body was designed to do. It doesn’t create stress on our joints, helps metabolism and digestion and encourages better posture. It is great for your spine and can give you time to “stop and smell the roses” (that’s great for your mental health too!)

30 minutes a day increases heart and lung fitness which may reduce the risk of heart disease, increase muscle strength and makes your spine healthier.

When you walk, your posture is more upright and rehydrates your spinal discs. Daily movements squeeze the water out of your spinal discs but walking increases the flow of water to the disc through better circulation.

  • Pick a time that suits your daily schedule. It doesn’t matter what time of day you walk, just do it!
  • Make a commitment to walking. Schedule it in your diary to help you stick to your plan.
  • Sometimes you can build it into your day by parking the car further from work or getting off the bus earlier in the trip and walking the rest of the way.
  • Walk with a friend! It’s great to walk and chat and your improving both of your spine’s health.
  • Use goals to help you, eg the 10,000 steps a day plan. Increase the daily step goal as your fitness increases.
  • Start! It’s easy – just 1 foot in front of the other!
  • Ignore your phone. This will help prevent Text Neck and improve your posture while you’re walking.

Walking is a resolution with so many benefits. You truly can walk your way to a healthier life!


The Plan

If you’re thinking of making walking or any other exercise part of the new you in the new year, then you should consider developing a plan to make sure your goals and desired results are reasonable, achievable, and won’t place too much strain on your body.

Come and see us at Clayfield Chiropractic and we will help tailor a solution specific to you, your body, and your goals!

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Give yourself the best chance to hit the ground running… AHEM* we mean WALKING in 2019!

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