What can I do between my treatments?

As Chiropractor’s, we are often asked

What is the best exercise to do outside of the treating room between treatments?


Ultimately, movement of our spine and limbs is key. Decrease our time spent sitting (often in front of screens such as TV, our phones or computers) and increase our time spent moving! Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2019 shows that up to 90% of us will suffer with some form of low back pain in our lifetime, with more than 16% of us having back problems within the past 2 years. Almost half of us describe our low back pain as moderately interfering with our day to day activities.

Sitting, with insufficient physical movement or activity, is a known risk factor for low back pain.

So what can we do to help ourselves reduce the risk of having low back pain effect us in our daily activities?

Most often, the answer is simple – move. Head outside, without our screens, and walk or swim.

Swimming is a great way to move, to fill our lungs with air and to keep our joints all moving. One of the many benefits of swimming is the lack of gravity effecting our spine and our joints.

Walking is another simple way to get moving and become less sedentary. It also helps with your lung and heart health, as well as your spine and joint health. It helps us move more freely; to see and breathe the great outdoors; and to stand in our natural upright posture.

Be sure when you are outside in the sun, which we should be doing daily, that you wear appropriate protective clothing and sunscreen.

  • Walk more.
  • Swim more.
  • Move more.
  • Have your regular chiropractic treatments.
  • Enjoy the benefits for life!

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