How Can I Help My Neck Pain?

Headaches can stop you from making the most of life.

Did you know that Australians average 10 hours and 24 minutes using devices connected to the internet every day?1 Our necks are held in lots of different positions each day. Using mobile phones, tablets, other types of screens and even sleeping and relaxing on the lounge put our necks in awkward positions.

Up to 50% of people have neck pain at some stage of their lives.2 General practitioners average about 7 patients a week with neck pain.3

Here are some ways that you can help or prevent neck pain –

·       Good Posture – the strain on your neck muscles doubles for every 2.5 cm forward that you carry your head.

·      Good Ergonomics – Ergonomics is about having your office equipment/furniture organised to best suit your body. To help your neck, it is best to have your computer screen raised so that you are not looking down when you work on your computer. It is also helpful to raise your mobile or tablet screen up in front of you to eye level.

·       Move your neck and shoulders – Moving your neck through its full range of motion every day is a good habit to get into. Move your head forward, back, side to side, right to left. You can also roll your shoulders up and around forwards and backwards to release your neck muscles.

·      Sleeping – It is best to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your side or back is much better for your neck. A supportive pillow that is not too high is better.

You could consider seeing a chiropractor to help manage or relieve pain or discomfort from neck pain. Chiropractic treatment may reduce joint restrictions in the spine or other joints to reduce inflammation and improve joint function. Our chiropractors at Clayfield Chiropractic are always happy to discuss your neck pain and see if chiropractic care would be suitable for you.

 We can be contacted on 3862 2611 if you would like to make an appointment or book online at


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