Spine Problems

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Most of us take our spines for granted unless they aren’t working well and cause us pain, stiffness or lack of mobility. We use them all the time, from getting out of bed, lifting things, bending, sitting standing, working and for fun after work. The biggest cause of disability in the world is back pain. People of all ages have …

What is a Muscle Strain or Tear?

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With the recent completion of the Gold Coast Commonwealth games, it seems a good time to talk about muscle injuries. Muscle strains and tears don’t only effect elite athletes, they more often effect regular people like you and I. This can be whether you’re physically active or not, even with good nutrition and/or exercise. They may occur from sports injuries …

Back Pain Cartoon

Woman and Back Pain

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Women seem to suffer from chronic back pain more frequently than men. Spinal Health Week is an initiative of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia and in May 2017 focusses on Chronic Back Pain. Chronic pain often involves the low back or Lumbar Spine. The Lumbar spine is frequently involved with low back pain issues. Women seem to have the following …

Walking with back pain

Why Does Walking Help My Lower Back Pain?

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Many chiropractors recommend their patients walk to help prevent and rehabilitate lower back pain, and to maintain good health. So why is walking good for you?Walking for 30-40 minutes most days of the week can help you to maintain your day-to-day functional capabilitiesFunctionWalking is one of the things that makes Humans different to other animals. We are meant to do …