Ergonomics and How It Helps My Back

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Lots of office workers would have heard of Ergonomics, but what does it mean? It promotes muscle/joint health and helps prevents injuries, considering an individual’s current limitations (eg height, back pain and function, previous injuries etc). Ergonomics makes sure that the design of spaces and products suit the person using them and is suitable for that person’s requirements. It is …

Spine Problems

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Most of us take our spines for granted unless they aren’t working well and cause us pain, stiffness or lack of mobility. We use them all the time, from getting out of bed, lifting things, bending, sitting standing, working and for fun after work. The biggest cause of disability in the world is back pain. People of all ages have …

What is a Muscle Strain or Tear?

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With the recent completion of the Gold Coast Commonwealth games, it seems a good time to talk about muscle injuries. Muscle strains and tears don’t only effect elite athletes, they more often effect regular people like you and I. This can be whether you’re physically active or not, even with good nutrition and/or exercise. They may occur from sports injuries …

Kids Muscle and Mobility

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Now that school is nearly started for the year, let’s chat about why good muscle control and development are important for your child to achieve they potential for the school year and life in general! The skills we learn as babies and children set us up to learn even more complex tasks as adults. As the saying goes, “you need …

spinal nervous system

Using Ice to Relieve Lower Back Pain

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Once you have seen your chiropractor or health professional for an assessment of the cause of your spinal pain, you may be directed to use ice or cold packs to reduce the pain whilst your body goes about healing. Cold packs can be used to alleviate low back pain symptoms by: Cold packs can usually be purchased at your chiropractor’s …

Girl Gardening

The Good Gardening Posture Guide

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We know gardening is a healthy and wonderful hobby. We also know that gardening, as an outdoor activity, can yield dividends for more than just dinner time! It is a great way to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle as long as you are appropriately equipped with the knowledge to maintain the upkeep of your body as well as …