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What is K tape?

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By now, everyone has probably seen or wondered what the colourful tape is on their favourite sports stars? Adorned on shoulders, knees, thighs and forearms, the colourful tape is not just for looks, it serves as a functional stabiliser for joints and aids in the recovery of muscle strains or tears.

The stretchy nature of the tape allows the tissue underneath to decompress, therefore allowing healing to take place. The 3 main effects that the tape has are:

  • Fluid Effect

    improving the blood and lymphatic flow in the affected area

  • Mechanical effect

    improving the mobility between tissues in the area

  • Neurological effect

    helps to improve body awareness of joints and muscles (brain/body connection) and alters the perception of pain in the area


Rocktape is a particular brand of kinesiology tape, and is one that I have been trained in to apply as an adjunct to other treatments and adjustments in a session. In clinic I find it particularly helpful when dealing with, and have had success in treating:

  • Muscle strains/tears – including bruising and inflammation
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Mild foot pronation – and lower limb torsion as a result of pronation
  • Rib sprain/strains
  • Lower back pain – lumbar spine or sacro-iliac joint involvement
  • Postural corrections- rounded shoulders and forward head presentation
  • Joint stabilisation – including inflammation and hypermobility

Rocktape still allows for full movement of the joint or muscle, so is more comfortable than a rigid tape. It is water resistant, usually lasting for up to 5 days, although I have had some clients report it lasting for 7-10 days. And it is considered a low allergen tape, meaning it doesn’t contain as many types of glues as other tapes, therefore leading to fewer skin reactions.

So why don’t you book an appointment with me and see how Rocktape can help you!

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Fiona Couchman

Author: Fiona Couchman

Bachelor of BioMedical Science (BBioMed Sc.) and Masters of Chiropractic (MChiro)

Dr Fiona has extensive Chiropractic experience and expertise. Through chiropractic, she enjoys helping people understand more about the interconnectedness of all of the components of the human body, and how the brain-body connection is so important for optimal healthy functioning.

She also enjoys bike riding, yoga, and multi-day hiking (backpack and all!).