Autumn Long Weekend – Explore your local area with a beatiful walk and help your spine

The weather at this time of year is fantastic for an adventure with your family and friends in our beautiful part of the world. All the long weekends give us a bit more time to travel outside our local area to stretch our legs, breath the fresh air and create memories with our loved ones.

Your posture and back can be affected by spending too much time in front of devices playing games, checking out social media or binge-watching Netflix and Stan. Sitting too long, especially with your head held forward looking at small screens or slouching on the couch, can affect the natural curves in your spine. This creates strain on the joints and muscles which can cause pain or discomfort.

Simply going for a walk can quickly boost your activity levels which will help improve your posture and build your core strength.

How about trying some of the lovely spaces we have to walk-in in South-East Queensland? Maybe pack a nice healthy picnic, a blanket, and some water to make a day of it. Don’t forget to “Slip, Slop, Slap” ( take your sun protection and sunscreen!)

Wellington Point

Did you know that you can walk along a sand bar across to King island at low tide? Check the tide times for the tides before you head off for a relaxing walk next to crystal clear waters.


Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Have a walk through the beautiful gardens in the middle of the city. You could watch the Citycats as the travel up and down the river and admire the Storey Bridge.


Sandgate Esplanade

It is always a lovely stroll at Sandgate. You could venture onto the mud flats if the tide is low. Fish and chips or a coffee at the local shops/cafes is pleasant there, too.


Mt Coot-Tha Botanical Gardens

It is a great drive or walk up to Mt Coot-Tha and then you could choose to walk around the gardens – the Japanese Gardens are a favourite of mine. Or drive or walk further up to view the outlook over Brisbane city. Can you see where you live from there?


Make the most of the glorious weather and do something that is good for your health – mental and physical. Your spine will thank you. Feel free to speak to your Chiropractor at Clayfield Chiropractic next time you visit about ways to improve your lifestyle habits. You can contact us or book by clicking the buttons below!